Monday, August 31, 2009

The History Of DMOZ

The History Of DMOZ DMOZ was known as Gnuhoo when it was first founded. Bob Truel and Rich Skrenta founded Gnuhoo in the year 1998. At the time Skrenta and Truel happened to be engineers for Sun Microsystems. Coincidentally the original category structure of Gnuhoo was based on the configuration of Usenet News groups. Gnuhoo went public on June 5th, 1998. But, shortly after an article was published suggesting that Gnuhoo had nothing in common among the spirit of free software, Richard Stallman and the free Software foundation decided to cancel the use of Gnuhoo.
They decided to alter the program and change the name to NewHoo. Yahoo! did not like this choice in name because it was far too similar to theirs with the “HOO” at the end of it. The name was to be switched again.

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