Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing Web Hosting Companies

Changing Web Hosting Companies There may well come a time when as a webmaster you find that your current web hosting service provider just is not meeting your needs. Maybe they have failed to provide the standard of customer service you expect, simply don’t offer enough bandwidth or storage for your site, or maybe they just aren’t offering the most competitive price for hosting. Whatever the reason for wanting to change your web hosting company, you may be nervous about how difficult switching from one provider to another may be. Don’t let that keep you with an unsatisfactory web host. Here a are a few hints to help make this transition as smooth as it can be.The biggest thing you can do to make this switch as hassle free as possible for both you and for the visitors to your website is

Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting

Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Web hosting is an often overlooked, critical part of what makes the Internet function. Web hosting is the service that lets both individual people and businesses create their own spot on the internet, called a website. Companies that provide web hosting services have servers on which the data that makes up the website is hosted. Website owners, called webmasters, give their data files to the web host for storage and publication to the internet. This is what allows people anywhere to use the internet to access that person or company’s website.
While there is a multitude of web hosting service providers available, there are only two main types of web hosting, free hosting and paid hosting.